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Remembering Her

Retelling women's history on stage

In the present day, stories of women from history are overlooked in both historical documentation and in retelling. When stories of historical women are told, it is often by men, through men's eyes or in relation to men. This workshop aims to challenge that. 


The Remembering Her workshop addresses where we can discover many incredible stories that can be found through the span of history, and also how we can challenge how these stories are told.

This fun, collaborative workshop encourages everyone to creatively explore possibilities to many questions. Participants uncover history whilst being placed in the roles of story-tellers, researchers, historical figures and the audience. 

We also offer a separate or additional Remembering Her talk which addresses feminist theatre practices and theatre and history practices.It offers suggestions of how these can influence a Theatre Maker’s personal practice and be used as an initial  framework for Retelling Women’s History on stage.

Details for companies;

2 hour workshop - £150
Half day workshop (4 hours) - £200
Full day workshop (6 hours)- £250
Bespoke workshop - Additional £100 
Talk - £100 (separate) (£50 when with workshop)

The workshop is offered at three different lengths and will be tailored to your groups' needs. 

Additionally we offer a service that adapts the workshop so that it is bespoke to a desired person/time period and outcome. 

*Fees may vary due to travel requirements

Details for individuals;
We also deliver this workshop as a pay-as-you-go offer. Should an open workshop be running, we will need a minimum of 12 people attending the workshop.
2 hour workshop:£15/per person
1/2 day workshop:  £25/per person 
Full day workshop: £35/ per person

*Entrance fees may vary due to venue and timings. 

To find out more or to book a workshop please email or visit our contact page for further details. 


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