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The Underlines Ink Lowdown

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Sometimes creativity is instinctive, an impulse or idea you can get carried away with - other times it really doesn't work out that way. Whilst hopping out of bed and immersing yourself straight into the world of your next project might sound like a dreamy ideal, some people neither have the privilege or pleasure of creating that freely. For those who are juggling how to be an artist along with the trials and tribulations of everyday life, and sometimes find their creativity, determination, and self-believe going astray, we've made Underlines Ink for you. The aforementioned 'we' needs an introduction. Underlines and Underlines Ink is in fact not a 'we' but an 'I', yet the former is used because it's meant to read as more professional, so I'm told. I am Antonia Underwood, an actor, writer, facilitator, and the founder of Underlines. I like to think that these are the hats that I'm balancing. Regardless of how much I wish that these titles encompassed all the work that I do, it would be remiss of me not to mention that (aside from a few stints of furlough) I am also employed full-time in a non-arts-related job, simply because I have to be. I was born and raised in Nottingham, studied and worked in Northampton, and moved to North London in 2017 which is where I am based today.

There have been many periods in my artistic life when I have created nothing. Occasionally that's down to a lack of inspiration, more often than not it's been to external factors like financial restrictions, mental health, pandemics, and simply finding myself in the pitfalls of adulthood. I will probably be the first person to reassure anyone that it's okay to not be creatively 'on' all the time and that prioritising other areas of your life and brain is incredibly important. It's also probably my own advice I foolishly ignore the most, which results in plummeting into a creative-burnout from time to time. I can sometimes need a creative jump-start, so the exercises on Underlines Ink are ones I've used and will return to in the future. I wanted to make a blog for Underlines that was a space for multi-tasking creatives; for the fellow hat balancers. I hope it can exist as a tool for people who are struggling to return to creativity and want to ease their way back in, for those wanting a little source of inspiration and want easy ideas to turn to, and for those who need reminders that when life is happening it's more than okay that your creativity is on pause. Underlines Ink will also be a space of celebration of new writing and new artists. So many brilliant people want to share their art but struggle to find ways to get it out there, so whatever I can do to help, I will. Being in a position to see, read and connect with creatives, is something I will always be grateful for. In fact, more often than not, surrounding myself with other people's art is the surest way to reboot my own creativity (listening in on a playreading or binge-watching on Netflix are both valid examples). I, the artist formerly known as 'we', look forward to building Underlines Ink into a little creative hub. So as this blog launches, stay tuned for resources, ramblings, recommendations, and something in between. x

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