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Artist Spotlight: Bettine Solf

At Underlines we love connecting with artists and getting to hear about their exciting, new projects. We decided to make the Underlights part of Underlines so that creatives can get in touch, introduce themselves and share their work - whether that's a through a social media shout out, an instagram take-over or an artist spotlight on our blog.

We were delighted to get a chance to chat to Peruvian actor and singer-songwriter Bettine Solf ahead of the release of her new music video for her single Hush. Check out our interview below as she shares her favourite parts of creating Hush and let's us know her career highlights so far.

The image is of Peruvian actor and singer-songwriter Bettine Solf. She is wearing a bright red coat against a grey background. Her arms are pulled backwards and her dark brown hair is windswept. She has knitted garments near her waist.
Bettine Solf

Hi Bettine, tell us a bit about yourself as a creative and the work that you make. I’m a Peruvian actor/ singer- songwriter based in London. At the moment I spend my time self-taping, experimenting with my camera, rehearsing and playing music and doing courses when I find the time.

You've been working towards the release of your new music video for your single Hush. What was your process like from writing the song to getting the video ready to release?

It was a long process because I wrote the song 6 years ago along with the rest of my second album, and I shot the video in 2021. I guess that the forced time spent at home made me reflect on how some artists, regardless of their fields, can be very similar in their creative processes and I found a mindlike artist to show that.

What was your favourite part of creating Hush?

My favourite part was being able to extend my shooting time as much as I wanted. Eladio (the artist) is my flatmate, so I had plenty of time to witness how his environment changed, his moods, how he reflected them on his paintings, what he was painting and how. I didn’t have a date to release a video, so we had lots of chats about creative processes, both his and mine and I cherish the fact that he shared so much.

A black and white image of a man painting on a canvas. There are paintbrushs in the background and he holds a pallet in his right hand. He is concentrating.

What was your biggest challenge in its process?

Light! I am starting to work with a camera, so there are many concepts that I must understand and apply. We shot the video with natural light and a ring light. Given the sudden changes of London weather and the light changing every 5 minutes, I had to adjust accordingly. How have you found creating during the pandemic?

Very challenging because everything got restrained to small and recurring spaces (at least for me) in which everything happened; my day job, exercise, shooting, editing, writing, eating and sleeping. I found myself in parks even when it was freezing just to create more space.

When do you feel at your most creative?

At night-time. If you’re feeling uninspired what are your ways to overcome a creative block?

Break the routine. Go running, do yoga, watch some news (or not!), do something creative on a parallel skill and staying away from my phone and screen. What has been one of your highlights in your career so far?

Opening for The Cure has certainly been one of them. I also believe that moving to London is a constant highlight. Do you have your next project in mind and can you give us any hints to what that might be?

I do. I’m not ready to share all of it just yet, but I’m writing based on my London experiences.

Quick Fire Questions

  • Favourite music video from another artist: Not About Love – Fiona Apple

  • A creative who inspires you: So many women lately.

  • Favourite performance you’ve watched: Cate Blanchett – When we’ve sufficiently tortured each other. – National Theatre.

  • A creative skill you wish you had: Costume or/and stage design.

Thank you Bettine for being our first artist spotlight, we wish you the best of luck with your new video for Hush .

You can find more of Bettine's work at the links below Website:

Instagram: @bettinesolfartist

Twitter: @BettineSolfOFC

Check out the video for Hush


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