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Mighty Voices

Tall or small, there is a story within us all

Stories can educate and inspire, empower and unite - particularly in young people.  

The Mighty Voices workshop brings together reading and writing with art, performance, music and science in a jam-packed story making adventure. With the ability to tailor this workshop to different ages, young people can tell the stories they want to listen to, encounter characters they relate to all whilst strengthening their mind and creativity. 

This workshop can be delivered to three different types of participant - each working towards the same desired outcome - letting children's voices to be heard. 

Children  - perfect for the classroom
Parent/Guardian and Child -  perfect for festivals/family events
Educators - perfect for Continued Professional Development

Details for companies;

2 hour workshop - £150
Half day workshop (4 hours) - £200
Full day workshop (6 hours)- £250
Bespoke workshop - Additional £100 

The workshop is offered at three different lengths and will be tailored to your groups' needs. 

Additionally we offer a service that adapts the workshop so that it is bespoke to a desired person/time period and outcome. 

*Fees may vary due to travel requirements

Details for individuals;
We also deliver this workshop as a pay-as-you-go offer. Should an open workshop be running, we will need a minimum of 12 people attending the workshop.
2 hour workshop:£15/per person
1/2 day workshop:  £25/per person 
Full day workshop: £35/ per person

*Entrance fees may vary due to venue and timings. 

To find out more or to book a workshop please email or visit our contact page for further details. 


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