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Explore your creativity. Fuel your imagination.

Not sure what to your next project is? Stuck in a creative rut? Want to increase the collaborative imagination of the team you are in? This workshop could be just the fuel your mind needs to generate fresh, new ideas. 

The Fuel workshop focuses less on a specific outcome and more on encouraging all possibilities for ideas. Tailored to your groups needs with innovative and enjoyable activities to stimulate your brain and expand your mind, we give you the opportunity to create differently. 


Participants will get to create in to art forms that perhaps they are not used to, or explore ways of thinking they haven't tried. The mind can surprise you when it is given the right fuel.


Details for companies;

2 hour workshop - £150
Half day workshop (4 hours) - £200
Full day workshop (6 hours)- £250
Bespoke workshop - Additional £100 

The workshop is offered at three different lengths and will be tailored to your groups' needs. 

Additionally we offer a service that adapts the workshop so that it is bespoke to certain types of creativity or business needs.
*Fees may vary due to travel requirements

Details for individuals;
We also deliver this workshop as a pay-as-you-go offer. Should an open workshop be running, we will need a minimum of 12 people attending the workshop.
2 hour workshop:£15/per person
1/2 day workshop:  £25/per person 
Full day workshop: £35/ per person

*Entrance fees may vary due to venue and timings. 

To find out more or to book a workshop please email or visit our contact page for further details. 


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