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Educational Plays

Bespoke plays for schools

Educational Plays are tailored for young people as an exciting and creative learning tool. Based around a theme or areas of the curriculum - young people can engage in new ways, build confidence and have fun discovering a topic in a new medium. 

We will write and tailor a play to the needs and topics of your group.

Whether that is a 10 minute play for 10 children about friendship and kindness.
Or a 15 minute play for a whole class aged 10-11 exploring the Ancient Greeks.

We can help. 


  • We recommend educational scripts are between 10 and 30 minutes in length

  • Scripts can include poetry, movement sequences and songs

  • Roles can be tailored to specific children or can be ensemble based to encourage teamwork

  • Scripts can be built around the curriculum and fit learning objectives and aims.

Underlines Founder Antonia Arden has experience of writing for different requirements, topics and for varying age-groups, through commissions and through making her own work. 


Step 1: Consultation

We can offer you a free consultation via phone or email where we discuss the project. This is our chance to find out all of the information to help us meet your needs. 

Step 2: Overview

An outline will be provided to you, following our consultation.
This will also inform you of commission cost and explain the time-line of the writing process. We will also provide specific terms and conditions for your script. 

Step 3: Payment One 

Once you have agreed to the overview, you will be required to pay the full fee. This amount will be non-refundable should you decide to cancel our service after 48 hours of paying (This is to ensure we get paid for the research, planning, time and writing that goes into it). From then we will get to work writing your script and will remain in contact with you as we develop your project. Throughout the writing time we will happily send you snippets of the script for you to read.

*Please note, if for any unforeseen reason we cancel the service, a full refund will be made.

Step 4: Receive Script
Once the payment and the overview timeline is complete , you will receive the full script and have a time period to get back to us with any edits you would like to be made. 


Script writing fees will vary on each project. The fees cover planning, research and writing as well as our time and skill. 

Example fee
Commission - a 10 minute ensemble based play for 15 children age 12/13 years 
Fee - £250

To find out more or to book a workshop please email, or visit our contact page for further details. 


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